Ready in just 8 weeks from seed

When we first released Critical we were aiming to produce the highest yielding quickest flowering auto strain on the market, with ryder strains to compete with it was a tall order! Our first generation of Critical seeds had an absolutely staggering yield, people would see the results and question if they were actually autos or not! Despite magnificent yields, we were asked by our loyal customers to reduce the flowering time as 1st gen plants were taking too long. After intense backcrossing and progressive inbreeding, we finally produced the Critical we know and love today – our latest offering now has a rapid flowering time and is very stable indeed. Rapid flowering time and a good yield are to be expected.

Critical seeds are feminized and available in single, 5, and 10-seed packets. All seeds are 100% guaranteed!

Our seeds are sold for collection purposes only and we remind you that germinating cannabis seeds is illegal

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80cm-1m is quite normal

Grow + Flower Time

Can be taken after 9 weeks from seed, although 10 weeks is fine!



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